Who needs a customer service call centre?

June 20, 2024

Replace your customer service call centre with Simply C2

A more efficient alternative to customer service call centre exists

If you have customers to support over a large geography then you probably are thinking of setting up a customer service call centre.

This needs to be:

  1. Multi-lingual
  2. Operate across time-zones- have people available to attend calls 24/7

This is not cheap. And definitely not fool-proof. Murphy’s law (if something can go wrong, it will)- will ensure that the Spanish will call outside of European and Latin American time zones; caller from Thailand will call when it is mid-day in New York.

Let’s think about another side of the problem. Every time your customer calls your customer service call centre, she goes through an identification drill. And then you get to the logging of the service request.

Customer service platform for service providers and seekers

If you are not a global MNC with a large budget, you probably find this rather overwhelming. Relax.

We have Simply C2- for exactly those needs.

An elegant solution for replacing expensive customer service call centre

Set up and enable Simply C2 for your customers in those countries.

  • Communicate to your customers and encourage them to download Simply C2 and register as a customer for your products. FREE!
  • Now no longer worry about the timezone, the language your agents speak. Your customers can log a support ticket, any time in the day or night and receive an acknowledgement immediately.

Simply C2 lets your customers chat in virtually any language and get a response back in the same language. Your call centre agents need to know only English!

And, of course Simply C2 is unique in more ways than being a replacement for customer service call centre.

For you it is a fully equippped service CRM. With the ability to log tickets, acknowledge them, assign them to a technician, monitor ticket closure, send estimates to customers and so on.

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