Why Simply C2- unique platform for customer service

June 11, 2024

Single platform for customer service

There is a crying need for a platform for customer service. Most customer service softwares are complicated. And definitely not meant for small business.Simply C2 is what we needed ourselves. Both as a customer ourselves as well as for handholding our own customers.

Getting service for equipment we owned was seldom a satisfactory experience. You call the call centre, get an SMS confirming the ticket and promising resolution. The technician who visited never had the equipment details, warranty status and in most cases no details of the repairs to be performed.

The call logging experience is very unsatisfactory. It still works for large companies with their multi-lingual call centres. With many equipment types, made by smaller companies, the experience was very unsatisfactory.

Can’t blame them. Call centres are expensive to set up and run. And, if you are selling to multi-lingual clientele, it is even more expensive. You need to have agents speaking many languages- this is as true in India as in Europe or Latin America or most parts of Asia. Worse, in most cases we got no bills for the service- we paid cash and that was it.

Equally bad experience in providing customer service

We found it was tough to keep up with customer tickets.

We sell globally- and that means across timezones and languages. We would receive a ticket too late and it might slip. Sometimes we will provide the resolution, but forget to communicate to the customer.

So we created Simply C2. Simply C2 freed us from this. All tickets got logged; no matter the time of the day or night and acknowledgement sent.

Simply C2 is a shared platform for customer service where you can sign up, list your products and invite your customers to register their service requests. Download from the PlayStore and give it a run to understand the customer experience.

And, it’s free! For your customers, always! And for you, it’s free to log and track complaints regarding repairs- till your team size is 30.

Shared platform for customer service for manufacturers and their customers

Why that helps with data security

While customers have a single login and need to share their profile only once, they can connect with as many providers as they want- provided they are registered (or have an equipment from those providers).

Their interactions and installed base information is only shared with the respective service providers. Never with another. And, they maintain control over their data. They can ask for their data to be deleted at any time.

Simply C2 platform for customer service is now available in 150 countries. If you are a manufacturer of products that require after sales service, and selling to one or more of those countries, this is what is means to you:

  • No need to set up a call center in any of the those countries.

    • Set up and enable Simply C2 for your customers in those countries.
    • Communicate to your customers and encourage them to download Simply C2 and register as a customer for your products. FREE!
    • Now no longer worrying about the timezone, the language your agents speak. Your customers can log a support ticket, any time in the day or night and receive an acknowledgement immediately.

Simply C2 platform for customer service helps your customers and you!

While Simply C2 platform for customer service helps your customers with an easy way to log complaints, Simply C2 has the Customer Service Automation backend for you – manufactuers of products in any part of the world to handle those complaints. It will help you, log and acknowldge complaints, track warranty or AMC status of the products, track your technicians in the field, enable 2-way multi-lingual chat between your team and customers and close complaints.

And all this for free! Always. Till your team size exceeds 30 or you need more premium features.

Why are we giving away upto 30 licenses for free?

There was this iconic ad from Avis decades ago. It said, “we are number 2; so we try harder”.

We are new, so we have to try our hardest. To break down your scepticism. Not just by offering a free trial but lettting you run your team for a lifetime- we estimate most of our customers may never need to upgrade. And, that’s fine.

We want you to succeed. And, if that sounds like a good deal and you end up liking the product, go tell others.

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