Spare parts usage tracking and logistics

Empowering your customer service team with spare parts management

Spare parts management: indenting, approvals, tracking usage, and stocking levels

Spare parts inventory management software

Why spare parts management is key to your customer service operation

Why spare parts management: a key component of your repair and maintenance strategy

Read on if these are the challenges you face in your repair and maintenance.

  • Need warning well in time when a part is running low in spare parts inventory.
  • Make the spare parts inventory situation visible to everyone, especially to the technician.
  • Track usage- as the technician uses the parts in repair or maintenance, automatically update the stock availability at all levels.
  • Ensure correct usage. Make it foolproof so that the correct spare part is used in the right equipment.
  • Rationalize spare usage- draw conclusions about the serviceability of the equipment they are being used in.
    Optimize spare inventory- get rid of dead stock.

Service CRM> Spares parts management

Spares management to support customer service- in the field or in your own service centers

As flexible as your customer service operation is

Spares management supports all possible scenarios and workflows needed in managing your spares in all customer service scenarios- whether in customer premises or yours.

Indent for spares, approve indents from your reportees, ship spares, receive spares and use spares in solving a service ticket.

Keep your spares supply chain running transparently and efficiently in field service

You need spares and consumables for all service tickets; installation, periodic maintenance, and breakdowns/ repair. Saleswah customer service CRM helps you with spare parts inventory management in the most optimum way.

The four key spare parts management flows in Saleswah CRM

Indent spares, approve indent
Ship spares receive spares
Maintain personal stock of spares
Consume spares close tickets

The four key benefits of Saleswah CRM spare parts management software module


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Spare parts management software on the mobile too

  • Powerful yet simple to use mobile app helps you indent for spares, receive them and use them in the field while attending to tickets.
  • You can also get alerts for spares transactions like items shipped, indent not approved, etc so that you can follow up offline and close your tickets.