Phone based technician location tracking

Technician location tracking to dynamically allocate resources

The best phone location tracking app in field service management

Introduce predictability in field service

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Technician location tracking an integral part of the mobile field service management

Navigate faster, locate installation sites using the field service tracking app

  • The Simply C2 field service app uses GPS and Google APIs to deliver pinpoint accuracy on technician location tracking. So, every activity on location is geo-tagged. You know when he reached, the time he finished and left for the next location. Even the photos taken on-site have a location tag.
  • Each service ticket that is pushed to his field service management mobile location tracking app has a site location and that is geo-tagged as well. So, all he has to do is point to the site and navigate using Google Maps on his mobile.
  • Technician location tracking helps flag malpractices and also ensure safety of personnel.
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4 uses of mobile phone location tracking

Saleswah CRM phone location tracking app for field service management

Our customers use Simply C2 CRM technician location tracking for the following purposes:

Knowing where their field people are, ensuring all customer-facing activities are on location.
Help the field people navigate to the service location
Re-assign the task to a service technician who may be closer to the service location than the originally assigned person.
Accurately locating the customer location and area.

No location spoofing

There exists a technology that can allow the user to “spoof” his GPS location which can then be read by the app to mislead you. However, we have ensured that location spoofing is not allowed.

The four types of service ticket management

Locate technicians last location
Help technicians Navigate
Re-assign ticket Management
When you need sites on map

The four key benefits of Simply C2 CRM software


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Simply C2 CRM technician location tracking app for field service management

Examples where our customers have used and benefited from technician location tracking:

  1. Maintenance of Telecom towers in Myanmar- across the riverine deltas where many places do not have a formal address.
  2. Maintenance of Diesel Gensets across India; in remote locations.
  3. Maintenance of Water ATMs all over South and West India.
  4. Maintenance of petroleum dispensing machines in petrol pumps across India.

navigate faster using technician location tracking