Preventive Maintenance Tickets Handling

Handling Preventive Maintenance tickets in field service CRM software on the web and mobile

Schedule preventive maintenance for healthier life of equipment

Predictable, reliable- the way your service ought to be

Simply C2 CRM Preventive Maintenance Tickets Handling ensures no nasty surprises from your equipment

Effectively schedule preventive maintenance and track closure
  • The best antidote to equipment failures and costly repairs is effectively scheduling preventive maintenance for the equipment in your care.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance on fixed, regular schedule- monthly, yearly or after any arbitrary days.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance on flexible days- based on run hours logged. Monitor all tickets on a calendar.
  • Create and auto assign PM check-lists by product category. Push the checklists to the mobile app for technicians to access. Close tickets on the mobile app.
  • Send push notifications through email, mobile app and browser. Decide your own notifications.

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Preventive maintenance software for any equipment PM

Custom design your preventive maintenance tickets forms for technician use

Every piece of equipment is different. So is their service need.
Create customized forms to capture field data for every type of service ticket – be it installation, maintenance or refueling. Further customize by equipment type. All from your own admin; all without any coding.

Custom forms for preventive maintenance tickets by equipment type

The four stages of preventive maintenance ticket management

Mobile app
Usage tracking
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Schedule by
Use Simply C2 custom forms for customer feedback
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The four key benefits of Simply C2 Preventive Maintenance Ticket Management

Schedule preventive maintenance and push tickets to the mobile forms

Powerful yet simple to use mobile app helps you attend to service tickets on the spot, on the go.

Also get alerts for events like new tickets assigned or logged, overdue tickets, and many more


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