Single Platform for Customer Service

Unique customer service platform that brings customers and service providers together

Choose your role- service provider or seeker

Secure, private, 1 to 1: never compromise, never wait

Customer service platform for service providers and seekers

A customer service platform that promotes transparency– between service provider and seeker

Building one to one connect between the service provider and customer
  • Enable Simply C2 for your customers. This helps your customers to log service complaints easily and securely from their app.
  • The moment they log a complaint, the complaint comes into your connected Simply C2 CRM and an acknowledgement sent to them.
  • Every update to the ticket that your team makes on the ticket is automatically shared with the customer.
  • The customer and you can chat within the app and discuss the status of the repairt.
  • Simply C2 is free for your customer; always!
  • You as a service provider start off free. It can be free forever; till you are more than 30 users or your needs grow beyond simple repair tickets closing.
Single customer service platform

Service CRM> Service Ticket management

Customer service dashboard in Field service CRM
Service ticket management that delivers field service excellence

Secure, robust and easy to use platform for bringing service providers close to their customers

For any type of product that requires customers to call you to provide service at their doorsteps: home or office

The key steps: how the seeker and provider collaborate in Simply C2

The four key service management flows in Simply C2 CRM

Installation ticket

Get triggered from shipment process and close the loop with the customer to set up installation ticket. Assign to the field service technician. Monitor closure.

Breakdown ticket

When an equipment requires repairs, log a breakdown service ticket. Assign a technician, allocate spares as needed and maintain a history of defect and repairs.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance tickets for every equipment under contract- at fixed or variable intervals.

Re-fueling tickets

Set up refueling schedules based on run-hours logged and consumption rate for every equipment that needs refueling.

Spares and consumables: inventory usage tracking

  • Simply C2 CRM software for after sales service management makes sure your spares are available where they are needed and when. It helps track usage of spares and consumables and log history and monitor trends.
  • Extremely logical and powerful indenting and approval flows.
  • Spares are used for quotes and invoices.
Providing post sales service in the field

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