Transparent Itemized Repair Estimates

Transparent Itemized Repair Estimate cements trust with your customers

A powerful system for repair estimates built into the CRM software

Itemized repair estimates

Simply C2 Itemized Repair Estimates ensures your customers know what they are going to pay for

Key Features of Itemized Repair Estimates

  • Professional Quote Template: Use pre-built template to create your itemized repair estimates; complete with your address and logo.
  • Quote from your laptop or from the mobile app: We understand the importance of being able to “quote on the spot”- so. our mobile app allows sending quotations.
  • Manage approvals– pre-built workflow makes sure that you do not start repair till the customer sends in his approval. Save time by pushing the ticket automatically into “Start repair” when the approval comes in.
  • Allow customer to pay (optional): Let the customer make secure payment against a repair estimate directly to your account.
  • Generate GST invoices (optional): Automatically generate GST invoices and push to the Simply C2 App of customer, after repair ticket close.
Itemized repair estimate workflow

Service CRM> Estimate, Approval, Payment, Invoice

Remove the pain of paperwork from your service team

Itemized service estimates

Itemized service estimates help build trust with your customer. Generating them is easy, either from the technician mobile app or back in the office from the desktop. Use spare parts descriptions and prices added by you. Link parts with the right model numbers to ensure no mistakes are made while quoting. Allow flexibility to your service team to add discounts.

All estimates can be converted to invoices once the payment is made and the service ticket is closed. If desired, you can create proper taxed invoices and in India, even link to the GST portal.

You can enable payment to your account through the app, optionally, or make the payment process offline.

Itemized repair estimate promotes transparency

Taxed Invoices for Closed Service Tickets

Once the repair ticket is closed, Simply C2 CRM will generate a taxed invoice automatically from the approved itemized repair estimate. And, if you are in India, you can even optinally connect to the GST portal and generate IRN.

Invoice replicates itemized repair estimate

Share estimate, receive approval, repair, invoice: save time, make no mistake

Take ad-hocism out of your process. Send estimates based on your list price in the system, add the right tax amount, collect money directly in your bank account, raise GST invoice

No mistakes. All system driven and automated; leaving your team more time to focus on service.


Custom forms for preventive maintenance tickets by equipment type

The four key benefits of Simply C2 Itemized Repair Estimates and Invoices

Automate your customer support including repair estimates, payment collection and invoices in Simply C2

Powerful yet simple to use mobile app helps you attend to service tickets on the spot, on the go.

Also get alerts for events like new tickets assigned or logged, overdue tickets, and many more


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