What is a good field service CRM?

June 17, 2024

field service CRM

Exploring the must haves in a good field service CRM

What is a field service CRM?

A field service CRM software helps you and your team manage post sales customer service- be it repair, scheduled maintenance, installation and calibration. 

Service processes start with the customer intimating a service request. So logging a service request is typically the first process milestone for the field service CRM.

Next, the service request (or ticket as it is called in the industry) needs to be assigned to a service technician- based on his/ her capability/ training and geographical proximity/ pre-assigned territory. This- assignment- is the second step for the Field Service CRM.

Next, the technician will attend the ticket by traveling to the site, inspect the equipment, raise a repair estimate and proceed with the repair upon approval. He will accept payment and provide an invoice. This is the core of the field service CRM software.

As we can see, it is a LOT more than a simple help desk software– which concentrates on steps 1 and 2 above but has no focus on step 3.

Let’s break down the steps in some detail.

1. Job Scheduling and Dispatching

Efficient scheduling and dispatching are essential for managing field technicians and job assignments in real-time. This feature enables businesses to:

  • Optimize technician schedules based on location and availability
  • Assign and re-assign jobs to the most suited technicians
  • Track technician progress and arrival times
  • Communicate with technicians in the field

Simply C2 helps in all the above- and you always have an upto the minute status report on technician loading.

2. Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility allows field technicians to access the CRM on their mobile devices. This provides them with:

  • Real-time access to schedules and job details
  • Tracking technicians on field visits
  • Ability to view customer information and service history
  • Capability to capture job details, including notes, photos, and signatures
  • Ability to raise repair estimates 

location tracking in field service crm

Simply C2 Field Service CRM mobile app helps track technicians, shows the latest unfinished tasks on their mobile, allows them to create estimates and invoices.

3. Customer Management

You need robust customer management capabilities to ensure you can:

  • Store and manage customer contact information
  • Track customer service history and preferences
  • Segment customers based on demographics, location, or industry
  • Provide personalized service experiences

4. Work Order (tickets) Management

Effective work order management includes the ability to:ticket management in field

  • Create, track, and manage work orders (tickets)
  • Assign work orders to specific technicians
  • Schedule appointments and track progress
  • Manage recurring or one-time jobs
  • Generate invoices and track payments
  • Show spare parts usage and track inventory.

Simply C2 revolutionizes service ticket logging. It allows your customer to create a login and register service complaints. It’s free, available 24/7 and reduces error and the stress on your call center.

5. Inventory and Parts Management

For businesses that deal with equipment and parts, inventory and parts management is crucial. This feature allows companies to:

  • Track inventory levels in real-timeparts management in field service crm
  • Manage stock levels and reorder parts
  • Assign parts to specific jobs or technicians
  • Optimize inventory management to reduce costs

6. GPS and Mapping Integration

GPS and mapping integration optimizes travel routes, reduces costs, and enhances communication with customers. This feature enables businesses to:

  • Track technician locations and optimize travel routes
  • Provide customers with real-time updates on technician arrival times
  • Identify potential delays or obstacles

7. Reporting and Analytics

Customizable reporting and analytics provide valuable insights to drive business decisions and continuous improvement. This feature allows businesses to:

Field service CRM dashboard

  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as technician utilization, customer satisfaction, and revenue
  • Identify trends and areas for improvement
  • Generate reports for management, customers, or regulatory compliance

8. Integration and Customization

Integration with other systems and customization to meet unique business needs ensure seamless data flow and efficient operations. This feature allows businesses to:

  • Integrate with accounting, ERP, or other software systems
  • Customize the CRM to match specific workflows and processes
  • Tailor the CRM to meet the unique requirements of different industries or business models

Simply C2 ticks all the boxes above to be great choice for a field service CRM. Create your account today.

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