Who is Simply C2 for?

June 25, 2024

Companies providing post sales service to other businesses benfit from Simply C2

The focus of Simply C2 is companies who sell products for which they need to provide post sales service.

Service CRM tends to be a bit of an omnibus term. Here’s how we explain to customers when we talk. In our view, CRM is a software that helps manage- schedule, track and facilitate all customer facing processes. Thus a service CRM is something that helps run post sales service processes.

Simply C2 is available on the web as well as on mobile platform.

There are narrower segments, obviously even within this. Let’s discuss them one by one and position Simply C2 appropriately.

Service CRM Challenges

If you are looking for a Service CRM, the defining questions are:

  • What is my product or service that I need to provide post sales service for?
  • What is my post-sales service process?
  • Do I provide in customer site or does he bring the product in for service?

Breaking down customer service further:

Many products don’t need any post-sales service. For example, most home furniture and consumables don’t require additional support. Some items are simply too inexpensive to justify customer service.

However, there are many products, like home appliances and industrial equipment, that do need ongoing service. This also includes services like cable TV or broadband. Even many software products installed at the customer’s location require support.

Service can be needed both during and after the warranty period. It can also include installation support. Typically, warranty coverage starts once installation is complete.

Some products, like cars, laser printers, and laptops, need to be brought to a service station for maintenance.

On the other hand, many products are serviced on-site, such as home appliances and large machines like diesel generators, chillers, and CNC machines. Sometimes, minor issues are fixed on-site, while major repairs might require the equipment to be taken to a service center.

Software support is usually provided on-site, whether it’s for installable software like Tally or cloud-based solutions. Of course, support can also be given over the phone, via email, or through the internet.

Two flavours of customer service delivery

Field service

A field service is where your technician needs to visit the equipment “on-site” to address the service needs. Simply C2 Field Service CRM helps manage post sales service processes that require:

Providing post sales service in the field

  • Onsite services.
  • Tracking warranty and/ or Maintenance contract based service.
  • Require field visits tracking.
  • Asset management- based on serial numbers.
  • Managing out of support cases

All the above is for free; upto a very generous 30 users- and yes, for a lifetime. Hurry, this offer will not be there forever.

Simply C2 Field Service CRM does not simply do the basics but does a comprehensive job; read more to see why.

Service Centre Based Customer Service

Are your customer support services provided in your own service centres? Simply C2 can be configured for post sales service delivery at service centres as well. You can set up service centres, assign technicians to the service centres and have them attend complaints.

  • Create service tickets upon equipment receipt
  • Inspect the equipment under repair and provide estimate
  • Collect payments and invoice

Basic repair ticket ticket creation and closure is free- again upto 30 users. This is for lifetime! So, hurry.

What does Simply C2 do differently?

Simply C2 can help manage post sales service large installed base of equipment- running into tens or even hundreds of thousands. It can easily scale to hundreds of users, many roles and hierarchies and and a complex process of onsite service deliverable.

Customer service platform for service providers and seekers

But, this is not the only reason why you want to enable Simply C2 for your customer support function. Yes, Simply C2 is a thoughtfully crafted comprehensive post sales service CRM which can be made to work for both Field service and service centre automation. But, the biggest reason for adopting Simply C2 is the unique ability to get your customers on board.

The importance of getting your customers on board

What does Simply C2 do differently from other customer service automation software?

Single customer service platform

Simply C2 allows you to onboard your customers into the post sales service software platform. So that they can log complaints without having to call the call centre. They can monitor the progress of the ticket, approve repair estimates, chat with the technician assigned to the call and so on.

This promotes transparency. But more that that, it saves you cost of setting up a call centre for post sales service.

If you are looking for a easy to use service CRM which can scale to the most complex of requirements,

Ask for a demo or Register for a free trial.

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